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Chiller-Pac - Remote Modular Chiller System


Aqua Products Company, Inc. Chiller-Pac Remote Chiller without Tank, Pump or Condesning Unit.Remote Modular chiller System:

   Aqua Products Company, Inc. Chiller-Pac is a remote modular chiller system which does not include a condensing unit, tank or pump and is designed for most applications that require water temperatures of 44° to 85°F degrees. 

  Aqua Products Company, Inc. Chiller-Pac allow the convenience to integrate a condensing unit, not offered by Aqua Products as a complete system and is modular in design for use in parallel to achieve virtually any size load requirments.

 Standard Features


  •  1.5 to 20 Tons (Multiple Circuit Models Also Available)
  •  Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Installation
  •  Allows the Design of a Custom chiller with Tank, Pump and Condensing Unit of Choice
  •  Subject to Stringent Run Testing Before Shipping


 Chiller-Pac - Available Models

  This feature is coming soon. Please check back shortly!