Welcome to Aqua Products Company, Inc.

  Aqua Products Company, Inc was incorporated May of 1993 and is considered by many the finest manufacturer of superior quality, smaller tonnage chiller systems from 1 to 25 tons.

  Aqua Products Company, Inc is the frontrunner building the best chillers for many applications, such as: dry cleaning chillers, medical chillers, brewery chillers, bakery chillers, winery chillers, restaurant chillers, marine chillers, potable water chillers, air conditioning chillers, plastics chillers and many more. (See the full application list below).

  Thousands of companies worldwide lean on Aqua Products Company, Inc. because of our extensive knowledge of many different industries as well as the remarkable quality and craftsmanship of systems produced.




  Aqua Products Company, Inc. has been manufacturing high quality, small ton  (1.5 - 20 tons) chiller systems since 1993 and takes great pride in providing its clients with quality systems that are designed for just about any application.

  Each system is custom built and hand crafted for every specific application.  Since 1993, there have been over 500 different applications that these chiller systems have been implemented in.

  Whether your application is air conditioning, dry cleaning, medical, brewery or winery, you can trust the years of experience that Aqua Products provides.

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 Reverse Cycle Chiller

  reverse cycle chiller is the latest in heat pump technology which converts a high efficiency heat pump system into a hydronic heat pump which will produce hot water for heating a home or office.

  Now you can have a total electric system that will out perform any fossil fuel system and provide the ultimate comfort of radiant floor heating, forced air and/or ductless fan coils.

reverse cycle chiller is the Geothermal Alternative!

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  Spot Cooling

  Hydro-Star Spot Cooling™ was originally developed for the dry cleaning industry. Since then it has evolved into a effective cooling system for any large facility where standard air conditioning is considered ineffective and expensive.

  spot cooling effectively provides air conditioned, dehumidified air to each employee workstation at a fraction of the price of standard air conditioning system.

  With spot cooling, it doesn’t matter if a company has 5 or 500,000 employees, the system can be designed to cool each of the employees.

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  • Chilled Water Air Conditioning. (Residential and Commercial)
  • Data Center Chillers.
  • Operating Room Cooling.
  • Radiant Cooling.
  • Employee spot cooling.
  • Industrial Process Cooling.
  • Laser Cooling Chillers.
  • Electronics Cooling Chillers.
  • Cement Plant Chillers
  • Single Pass Cooling.
  • Jacket Cooling.
  • Hydraulic Cooling.
  • Plating Chillers.
  • Welding Machine Chillers.
  • Plastics Chillers.
  • Roller Chilling Chillers.
  • Brake Cooling Chillers.
  • Photo Processing Chillers.
  • Cooling Mold Chillers.
  • Digesters.
  • Dry Cleaning Chillers & spot cooling.



  • Food Processing Chillers.
  • Restaurant Equipment Chillers. (Ice, Ice Cream, Slush & Soda Machines)
  • Medical Chillers.
  • Linear Accelerator Chillers.
  • Lab Testing Chillers.
  • MRI Chillers.
  • Electron Microscope Chillers.
  • High Velocity Air Handlers.
  • Potable Water Chillers.
  • Bakery Chillers.
  • Ice Machine Chillers
  • Sterilizer Cooling.
  • Clean Rooms.
  • Therapeutic Plunge Pool Chillers.
  • Winery Chillers.
  • Brewery Chillers.
  • Distillery Chillers.
  • Walk In Cooler Chillers.
  • Swimming Pool Chillers and Heat Pumps.
  • Custom Design chiller Systems.
  • OEM Manufacturing.
  • Many More.